Kyle Burke Volunteers at Northamptonshire Search & Rescue

Lucy Group recently donated £100 to Northamptonshire Search & Rescue to support Kyle Burke, who works as a Cloud Architect at Lucy Group. Kyle is on call nearly 24/7 as a volunteer at Northamptonshire Search & Rescue.

Northamptonshire Search & Rescue is a volunteer group that assists the police in locating missing persons in and around the county. The demand for their support fluctuates, but their busiest period in 2021 was 11 call-outs in 10 days, and all their money comes from donations and grants.

The team helps the fire services evacuate homes during severe weather. On Christmas Eve 2020, they were called out to a severely flooded caravan park in Northamptonshire. They also cover first aid training at local community events. Their vision is to build a base to store their rescue vehicles and host regular training and meetups for the volunteers.

Kyle has found nine missing people during his time volunteering, including an 11-year-old boy who had gone missing on a school trip. Kyle comments on how his volunteering has impacted him; “It makes you feel good when you can bring someone back. Seeing them happy, that’s the reason why we do it.”

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