Lucy Electric South Africa Donates Blankets to the Local Orphanage

Last winter in South Africa was unusually cold this year with temperatures dropping to -4 C in the region where Lucy Electric South Africa (LESA) is located.

Staff became aware that a home for orphans in the small local town of Hartbeespoortdam was struggling with children unable to keep warm during the cold nights. LESA was more than happy to help, providing warm blankets for the children.

There are currently 35 children (20 boys and 15 girls) who are being looked after by the Outreach Foundation. The community also support the children’s home with food donations as they are not supported by the government.

The Outreach Foundation have a learning centre made from a prefabricated park home structure, but there is a further need for bathroom facilities as it is not sufficient for the number of youngsters especially for the girls’ bathroom.

Next year, LESA hope to assist the orphanage more as part of their CSR programme.

Find out more about our CSR programme 


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