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Lucy Group has market-leading businesses across multiple sectors – all are built on innovation, customer service and trusted relationships.

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Our businesses operate in four business sectors: Lucy Castings, Lucy Controls, Lucy Electric and Lucy Real Estate. The Group overall has increasing international activities and trades in over 60 countries world-wide.

Lucy Castings

Lucy Castings is a niche manufacturer of iron and aluminium castings offering tier-one services for UK and European engineering businesses.

Lucy Castings

A specialist producer of iron and aluminium castings

Lucy Controls

Lucy Controls comprises Lucy Zodion and Lawson Fuses: delivering smart lighting solutions and low voltage protection, internationally.


Lucy Zodion

Lucy Zodion is a leading provider of sophisticated smart city products, street lighting controls and managements systems.

Lawson Fuses Ltd.

Lawson Fuses Ltd, designs and manufactures high quality low voltage fuses.

Lucy Electric

Lucy Electric provides intelligent solutions for power distribution networks, delivering customer-focused products and services.

Lucy Electric

Lucy Electric, an international leader in intelligent power distribution solutions.

Lucy Real Estate

Lucy Real Estate owns, lets and manages a substantial property portfolio and develops residential property for sale in Oxfordshire.

Lucy Properties

One of Oxford’s largest private residential landlords, offering the highest level of service to our residents.

Lucy Developments

Specialist developer of high specification, sustainable homes, committed to customer care.

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