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Meet our senior management team.

Lucy Group's Board of Directors

Lucy Group’s Board of Directors provides strategic direction and governance to the Group and the operating businesses to deliver the Group’s strategic objectives.

Richard Dick

Executive Chairman

Gary Ashton

Group Finance Director

Madeline Laxton

Executive Director and Company Secretary

Jonathan Finch-Dick

Executive Director

Pippa Latham

Non-Executive Director

Robert Dick

Non-Executive Director

“Business is not all about the past, barely about today and all about tomorrow”
Richard Dick, Executive Chairman

Leadership of the Operating Businesses

Each of the Group’s operating businesses has a dedicated leadership structure and management team.

John Fox

Lucy Controls - Managing Director at Lucy Zodion

Stephen Lawson

Lucy Controls - Managing Director at Lawson Fuses

Lucy Castings

Lucy Castings - CEO under recruitment

John Griffiths

Lucy Electric - CEO of Lucy Electric

Ian Ashcroft

Lucy Real Estate - CEO of Lucy Real Estate

“Employ the very best talent you can find, share your vision and grow your business together”
Ian Ashcroft, CEO of Lucy Real Estate

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