Lucy Group Ltd

Lucy Group Ltd is the parent company of the privately owned Lucy Group. Started by William Carter over 200 years ago, the Group has gone on to grow successful businesses in sectors ranging from manufacturing to real estate.

Sustained growth particularly over the last 10 years, has resulted in the opening of a number of manufacturing and commercial businesses across the world including India and Saudi Arabia.

The Group comprises four diverse business units:

Lucy Electric, a leader in secondary power distribution solutions specialising in high-performance medium voltage switchgear for utility, industrial and commercial applications.

Lucy Zodion, a market leader in the design and manufacture of street lighting control systems.

Lucy Castings, a specialist manufacturer of iron and aluminium casting for UK and European manufacturing and engineering businesses.

Lucy Real Estate, owns, lets and manages a substantial property portfolio and develops property for sale.

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Company News

Lucy Group Ltd acquires Lawson Fuses Ltd

Lucy Group Ltd is pleased to announce the acquisition, on 3rd August 2018, of Lawson Fuses…

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Lucy Group 2017 results in line with expectations

Lucy Group reported a set of results in 2017 that showed a performance in line with…

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Lucy Group Ltd Acquires Arteche Electrical Switchgear Business in Brazil

Lucy Group Ltd (Lucy) announces today that on 31st December 2017 it acquired Arteche’s…

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