World Environment Day is Saturday 5th June and across the world people will be raising awareness of, and taking action on, environmental challenges that we are all facing.

At Lucy Group, we are very proud to support and contribute to the development of the communities in which we live and work.

Across all of our businesses, we are working hard to provide environmentally friendly solutions to our customers and stakeholders to help reduce their carbon footprints and meet their sustainability requirements.

Some of the solutions and initiatives that we are working on include:

💚 Smart lighting – to conserve energy by providing the right light at the right time
💚 Effective lighting control which can significantly reduce light pollution
💚 Air quality sensors – to monitor, measure, and proactively manage emissions
💚 EV charging supports our move towards cleaner transport across the UK
💚 Innovative power distribution solutions – to enable utility networks to meet their responsibilities to provide sustainable, secure & affordable energy
💚 Connection of renewable energy including wind & solar
💚 Responsible production processes – scrap copper is collected in large bins and sold on to local recycling companies.
💚 Recycling packaging – incoming cardboard is fully recycled and non-confidential paper waste is shredded and reused to pack and protect products within cardboard boxes
💚 Process improvement – switch from hand soldering to spot welding. The new process eliminates the use of solder, flux, and gas, bringing both cost-saving & environmental improvements and increases operator personnel performance and productivity.
💚 Working with Rewild Jericho, a community gardening project to help local people turn small spaces, streets, gardens and empty zones into green habitats to increase wildlife biodiversity
💚 Volunteering to maintain and improve green spaces close to our offices which have been awarded the Green Flag Award
💚 Creating new wildlife areas in the gardens of some of the properties we manage
💚 Building bug hotels on our Lucy Electric site in Thame
💚 Partnering with 21st Century Thame to plant over 2,500 trees in and around the town and sponsoring trees which will be planted on community land by the Rugby club.
💚 Partnering with the Thame Green Living to allow verges to grow wildflowers near our site and green spaces to be planted with bee friendly flowers and bushes