International organisation Lucy Group, exhibits at virtual EV exhibition  

OXFORD, UK: Lucy Group, leading supplier of electrical connection and secondary distribution equipment, as well as monitoring and controls technology for smart cities and street lighting, will exhibit and speak at the upcoming virtual EV World Congress on 2nd – 4th November 2020.

Lucy Group will have a presence at the event to promote EV solutions developed by companies Lucy Zodion and Lucy Electric. As both an exhibitor and speaker, Lucy Group will provide insight into its drive for a more holistic charging infrastructure, from the first to the final mile. The Group will explore how both Lucy Electric and Lucy Zodion are working together to ensure the electrical network is able to cope with the strain EV charging is placing on it, with safe and adaptive connection solutions.

Delivering smart infrastructure at multiple levels

Lucy Group has a unique understanding of electrification and e-mobility across multiple sectors. From urban spaces and highways, providing smart infrastructure and connecting the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to charge point providers safely and sustainably; to requirements at a power grid level, delivering and managing the power needs for the transition to e-mobility and greater electrification. The Group combines expertise across multiple levels and sectors to deliver a co-ordinated approach to e-mobility and smart infrastructure.

Jonathan Finch-Dick, Executive Director of Lucy Group, comments:

We believe a co-ordinated approach is vital to the efficient and affordable delivery of the overall EV charging infrastructure – this requires a profound knowledge and understanding of challenges across multiple sectors.

Through working within a range of sectors, we understand the pressures EV charging is placing on local and national energy networks, as well as the challenges faced in the implementation of EV charging infrastructure. This, combined with our deep-rooted knowledge of low voltage electrical networks, places us in the position to help drive informed change and simplified processes in the race for decarbonisation and e-mobility.

Philip Dingle, Marketing Director of Lucy Electric, comments:

The rapid growth in disruptive technologies, such as energy storage and electric vehicles, alongside the increased use of renewables and distributed energy resources, is having a major impact on energy network management. As infrastructure is enhanced to adapt to this growth, it is crucial that energy providers have a better understanding of the impact EV charging is having on regional grids, and the effect this has nationally.

Through collaboration we can provide a complete product offering that solves knowledge and sourcing difficulties. Our package substation solution helps with safe and managed power delivery; our remote control and monitoring solutions allow load visualisation; and our adaptive EV supply pillars facilitate power distribution for EV charging points. From grid to street, we provide innovative, safe, and industry-approved connections that adhere to strict international standards. Learn about this and more with us at the event.

The Virtual Event

The EV World Congress is the only event in the UK dedicated to bringing international innovation and global game changers to the UK to inspire, educate and connect with their UK and European peers and colleagues.

Aiming to highlight innovation and developments in the global electric vehicle market, the virtual event will feature more than 400 attendees and exhibitors over three days. Also incorporating the inaugural EVIEs awards, the EV World Congress will feature a showcase covering energy storage, charging infrastructure, and fleet management.

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