What is the reality of running a company side by side with your father?  Jonathan Finch-Dick, Executive Director of the Lucy Group can answer that question.  His boss is also his father, Richard Dick, our Executive Chairman and CEO.

Jonathan kindly agreed to answer a few questions on what it’s like to work in the family business.

Was it always a given that you would join Lucy Group? 

“I always wanted to be involved with Lucy I did a number of work experience placements in various areas when I was younger; but I also knew it was important to develop a career and experience outside of the business. After university, I spent 12 years with global real estate advisory firm CBRE, ending up as a senior director there. I had stayed involved with Lucy Group during this time having been on the LRE board and latterly a non-executive director on the Lucy Group Board. Then in 2017 the opportunity came to join the Group full time and so I grabbed it!

Did you have any reservations about joining Lucy?

Not really – I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity. The challenge when you are part of the family that owns the business is how that will be viewed – you have to prove that you have the right skills for the job and can add value to the business. .”

Your father as your boss isn’t that difficult sometimes?

“We have a good relationship–we are different people but we share similar values. He’s from an engineering background, unlike me (something which he does occasionally remind me about!).  We have different perspectives on many things, but great mutual respect.  Of course we disagree occasionally, but we both think it’s important to challenge different approaches.  The important thing is we work together to achieve the best way forward. “

What’s the best thing about working for the family firm?

The people. The products and services the businesses are developing are really exciting but in the end they all come down to people. One of the privileges of working for a family business is having the opportunity to meet and speak to people across all our locations. It is not always easy but hopefully people know we’re striving for the long-term success of the business for everyone’s benefit. As we continue to grow, it’s one of the challenges to try to keep that special atmosphere and closeness of a family business.”

Thanks to Jonathan for sharing his insights with us.