Donna Moolman Joins Lucy Electric as Head of Finance South East Asia.

In 2011, Lucy Group acquired Lucy Zodion, a manufacturing business for Street Lighting Equipment based in Sowerby Bridge, England, where Donna worked as the Finance Director. Donna joined Lucy Zodion in 2004 as Financial Controller moving to the Finance Director role in 2008. More recently, Donna has seized the opportunity to join Lucy Electric in Thailand to take on a new role as Head of Finance South East Asia.

Donna accepted the chance to move across to Lucy Electric Thailand within the Lucy group to take advantage of the opportunity to advance her career and develop as a leader. She felt that she needed a challenge and what better way than moving country and business!

A typical day for Donna starts with a cup of coffee, and then she’s good to go! Every day she’s faced with cultural diversity and opportunities to learn and make a difference. No two days are the same but most significantly whilst her core responsibility is Finance, it’s also her responsibility to align others towards the business’s objectives, ensuring execution and implementation. Donna works with others to develop a strategy that will help the company reach their goals whether this is with the Finance Team or other functions through collaborative working. Every day brings its challenges and successes.

Donna love’s the fact that her role now is improving her adaptability, cultural awareness and ability to accept and understand different viewpoints.  Her role is diverse and not purely Finance based so Donna has the opportunity to make a difference at a broader business level. Donna has always been in Finance but her role now is more about leadership and the development of people, towards business excellence through business partnering to achieve common goals. The main difference is that there are now days when she feels like she’s in the Wild West; Donna did say she needed a challenge.

Outside of Lucy, Donna enjoys chilling out on the beach and reading a really good book! Eating out and socialising over food is always fun, and every now and again a bit of exercise doesn’t go amiss but definitely in her words “not often enough to call it a hobby”.

Donna has been given the opportunity to work in a foreign environment and enhance her soft skills that are essential for a successful leader. Donna’s move overseas has brought many changes with it; new products, new business systems, new culture not to mention new markets, regulation and legislation!

If Donna could learn one new skill, the most significant one being in a foreign environment (where English is not the first language) is to learn to communicate in a manner that can be understood, even better, to learn to speak Thai!

Personal Quote

“I love to develop our people to become the very best they can be”

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