Please click the video to find out more about SDG 8 and how Lucy Group are contributing to decent work and economic growth.

What is SDG 8?

SDG 8 promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. SDG 8 falls under our progress pillar.

How does Lucy Group contribute to SDG 8?

Lucy Group contributes to SDG 8 by ensuring the safety, wellbeing, and development of all our workforce and taking effective measures to protect human rights across our supply chains.

We engage with our employees to solve sustainability challenges and contribute through projects to improve the wellbeing of communities.

The targets listed below outline how Lucy Group will contribute to decent work and economic growth through improving resource efficiency in consumption and production, full employment and decent work with equal pay, ending modern slavery, trafficking and child labour, and protect labour rights and promote safe working environments.

Find out more about Sustainable Development Goals on the United Nations website.

How does Lucy Group meet target 8.4?

  • Implement Environmental Management Systems to improve the efficient use of energy, water, raw materials and other resources.
  • Implementing circular economy to improve waste reduction, increase life span through maintenance and upgrade services, reuse of components and recycling of materials during production and end of life.

 How does Lucy Group meet target 8.5?

  • Promote an environment of equal opportunities  by establishing polices processes for employees , including recruitment, training, promotion, and development reviews.
  • Establishing polices  to prevent discrimination in all forms  that facilitate the raising of  grievances without fear of retribution.
  • Establishing mechanisms for assessing and auditing suppliers conformance with the Groups policies.

How does Lucy Group meet target 8.7?

  • Implement Human Rights Policies that protect employees from human trafficking, forced labour, modern slavery and child labour.
  • Establishing mechanisms for assessing and auditing suppliers conformance with the above polices and practices.

How does Lucy Group meet target 8.8?

  • Implementation of a health and safety management system with associated procedures aimed at protecting the workforce and other parties  form accidents or incidents that could result in injury fatality or ill-health.   Certifying safety management systems to international standards to ensure its effectiveness.
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