Ankita Singh, Data Modeller (CPQ) – LEMT, Halol, India.

“I have broken many stereotypes prevalent in my nearby surroundings”.

Ankita Singh is a data modeller specialising in Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) for Lucy Electric, India. She was the first female in her family to graduate with a degree in technology and believes that whatever she has achieved in her life so far can be an inspiration to other females around her.

As a data modeller, Ankita focuses on developing efficient and robust models that facilitate the CPQ process. She has been actively involved in designing and implementing data models that optimise pricing strategies, manage product configurations, and enhance the overall customer experience. By leveraging data analytics and applying industry best practices, Ankita strives to empower businesses to make informed decisions, improve their sales processes, and drive profitability.

“I have had the privilege of working with cutting-edge technologies and tools that enable businesses to streamline their sales operations and deliver accurate quotes to customers”.

Early in her career, when given a glimpse of what a Tacton CPQ sales automation developer does, Ankita made the bold decision to move away from being a Java software developer to pursue this new venture. This move was particularly challenging since Ankita was limited with her knowledge of Tacton CPQ. But, with her eagerness to learn and succeed, she overcame this hurdle by completing a course to enhance her knowledge, build her confidence, and enable her to make an impact. She even spends her time outside of work exploring new developments and staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

“It is this learning mindset that has enabled me to stay ahead and provide innovative solutions to the challenges faced by businesses”.

One of her greatest achievements thus far has been successfully balancing her career with her personal life. Ankita has a two-year-old daughter and lives away from her husband who travels regularly  for work, which means she often is the main caregiver and provider for her family.

Being a working mother and still being able to pursue a career that is fulfilling, Ankita has proven that women can be and do anything they want to if they are willing to put the effort in. Ankita says: “It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey is unique…flexibility, resilience, and self-care are essential components of maintaining this delicate balance”.

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