Lucy Group has proudly sponsored the Oxford Playhouse Tent tour, an initiative that ensures access to the arts for everyone. The tour brings theatre to schools and communities throughout Oxfordshire, particularly in isolated areas.

This year the travelling tent is performing Mind The Monsters, a fun-filled interactive adventure about two characters working together to save Planet Brain. Written by Ben Watson and directed by Al Miller, the play is aimed at ages 5 to 11. Fun, energetic and fast paced, it aims to connect young audiences with their own wellbeing and creativity and is supported by a range of interactive workshops.

The tour tent is staging productions at 12 venues in 11 different postcode areas, including a stop at Blenheim, with free access for everyone. One of the highlights of this year’s tour is the much-anticipated visit to the Oxford Children’s Hospital School, where Mind The Monsters will offer entertainment to children experiencing prolonged stays on hospital.

Lucy Group is delighted to support the Oxford Playhouse in making the arts accessible to all, regardless of their background or location.

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