Colin Harris Assists in Ventilator Production

Many countries are striving to maintain supplies of critical equipment to treat Covid patients. Significant shortages have been reported of ventilation units which are used to help critically ill patients maintain their breathing in Intensive Care Units. In the UK, many companies have ‘re-purposed’ their production facilities to help with this shortage and appealed to appropriately skilled personnel to volunteer to help with production.

Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium, a group of UK engineering, industrial and technology businesses from across the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors came together to produce medical ventilators for the UK National Health Service (NHS). The Government immediately placed an order for 15,000 units.

Colin Harris, (Lucy Electric UK’s Production Manager) was asked by Penlon Medical Gas Solutions (he was previously their Production Manager), if he could assist with the assembly of their newly approved ventilator. Although Colin continued to work as part of the production team in Thame, he volunteered his weekends and has helped to build over eighty ventilators. Colin assisted with managing and training Penlon’s newly formed evening shift which includes technicians from McLaren, Mercedes, Williams F1 and tradesmen – builders, carpenters, bricklayers, and plasterers.

In gratitude for Colin’s help, Penlon will make a charitable donation in the name of Lucy Electric. The figure donated will reflect the time he has spent working on this project. We are extremely grateful to Colin who has stepped up in this great time of need to help others save lives.

Lisa Robinson gets sewing for the NHS

Across the Globe, appreciation of the efforts of medical and care staff has never been higher. Many businesses and individuals have been doing what they can to help and Lucy Electric’s team is no exception. One example is Lisa Robinson who made laundry bags for Nurses working on the front line at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and the Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

Lisa’s fully lined laundry bags are designed so that any clothing (scrubs or uniform) that is potentially contaminated go straight into the laundry bag to stop any spread of covid-19 to be washed at home, so far Lisa has sent over 100 laundry bags to nurses.

Lisa’s sister is a front-line National Health Service worker at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham Hospital working in intensive care, which makes this a very personal and practical way in which she can help her sister and many others.

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