Lucy Electric Reduces Polystyrene and Single use Plastic

At the beginning of 2018 Lucy Electric launched a global programme to completely eliminate the use of polystyrene packaging and tackle the use of single use plastics in its factories and offices.

Polystyrene packaging materials have been completely eliminated and replaced by improved packaging design and recyclable materials.

In the UK, single-use plastic cups and plastic bottles were eliminated from water fountains and vending machines in favour of recyclable paper cups, glass and porcelain mugs. The use of paper towels has also been eliminated in Thame.

In India and Dubai, plastic bottles in the canteen were replaced by metal jugs and glass, and projects are running to reduce the use of plastic bags for re-packing material. Everyone is also encouraged to drink from the company’s internal water supply.

In Thailand, a 100% elimination of expanded polystyrene (EPS) water bottles was achieved, and these were replaced by glass bottles. The next step will be to work with the food supplier to provide recyclable cutlery.

In Saudi Arabia, similar actions were implemented, with plastic cups being replaced by paper cups, and plastic spoons giving way to wooden stirring sticks. A mug was also given to each employee for personal use instead of plastic bottles.

These activities further extend our ongoing efforts to reduce waste.87hg

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