Lucy Electric Brazil supports Lar Batista Esperanca (LBE) 

Lucy Electric Brazil supports Lar Batista Esperanca (LBE)  a sheltered housing project. The project has helped more than 850 children and adolescents aged between 0 and 17 years. Currently there are 50 children who are at risk of personal and social vulnerability living in eight of the project’s shelters. These children usually arrive through the Guardianship Council and receive help with housing, food, clothing, courses, hygiene and leisure, as well as psychological assistance.

One of these units is located in Araucária, less than 1 mile away from the Lucy Electric plant. Through a local city housing contact, Lucy Electric Brazil made a significant donation of computer assets to them. In total LE Brazil donated 6 laptops, 7 desktops, 4 thin clients and 23 monitors.

The laptops went to a local sport karate organization that works in association with LBE to support the kids and disabled athletes to encourage physical activity and disciplined behavior. The other equipment went to the local LBE computer lab used to teach and develop the children basic IT skills and better prepare them for a professional career.

During winter in Brazil the temperature can drop to 0° especially in the south where Lucy Electric Brazil is located. Staff decided to start an internal donation campaign for warm clothes to support LBE children and local families that struggle during this time of year. LE Brazil employees are proud to share their resources with the less fortunate in their local community.

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