LEI employees participates in the Nashik Marathon 2019

LEI employees participated in a marathon to support Gender Equality & Women’s Safety 2019 on 24th February in Nashik.

Gender equality and women’s safety is an important and particularly relevant theme in today’s society. Students, members of the public and Lucy employees participated in the run and also contributed by propagating peace. They joined hands on the streets of the city to reinforce the objectives of the Gender Equality & Women’s Safety 2019 campaign.

Raising awareness of gender equality and women’s safety must be done peacefully. The Nashik Police Department, who promoted this event, understand that gender equality is a message that cannot be spread by force and to bring about change, they must first improve the public’s understanding of this issue.

The message was clear: ‘let’s join hands for this cause and be a part of this mission by participating in the Nashik marathon for Gender Equality & women’s Safety 2019 – an initiative supported by the Nashik City Police’.

In total, 25 LEI employees participated in the marathon and had a great time supporting and spreading awareness of this amazing cause.

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