Lucy Zodion Revolutionises Street Lighting

Lucy Zodion Ltd, the Sowerby Bridge based street lighting specialist and leading supplier and manufacturer of state of the art street lighting equipment, has launched a new range of cutting edge street lighting distribution boards – the Dist RX.

The Dist RX is the only range that has been designed to fully meet the demands of the street lighting market. Its design has accounted for the specific needs of this sector including space constraints, DNO requirements and installation issues to provide a truly integrated, cost effective, versatile and compact solution.

DistRX provides some great benefits and these include using a smaller feeder pillar when compared to the traditional method of equipping pillars. This reduction in size also provides a reduction in overall pillar costs, easier handling of the pillar on site and lower civil engineering costs for the feeder pillar installation.

The pillar can be installed before the Dist RX unit arrives on site allowing DNO connections to be made on time. On average equipped pillar lead times are reduced by around 2 weeks.

All equipment and distribution boards are housed in one purpose built enclosure, featuring built in brass bland plates for easy cable terminations with no need for trunking to link separate components.

The Dist RX range can cater for the smallest single-phase pillar up to the biggest three phase systems.

John Fox, Managing Director at Lucy Zodion Ltd, said: “This new range represents a turning point for equipped pillars within the street lighting industry and is a major development for Lucy Zodion. There are currently a number of different ways to equip a feeder pillar, from using plastic boxes with equipment inside, using standard industrial switchgear to cramming metal control panels full to the brim with kit.

“However, all of these solutions involve making compromises when it comes to street lighting. At the same time we are continually being asked to reduce feeder pillar sizes and attain better value for money. Our team of skilled designers have created the Dist RX range which is truly market leading -no-one else can offer this product.

“The Dist RX range offers customers an integrated solution. No more sourcing products separately and in effect cobbling together a product for a client. It is proven to drastically reduce costs, reduces installation time and complies with all of the required legislations.”

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