Lucy Real Estate staff take part in Sands #Challenge15

Lucy Real Estate staff took part in the Sands #Challenge15 campaign earlier this year to raise money and awareness for Sands, a UK-based charity that provides free support to anyone affected by the loss of a baby.

The campaign invites people to raise money by taking on any challenge that covers 15 miles and the overall target is to raise £15,000 to support the charity.

Sands provide care and support to bereaved parents and funds research that aims to reduce the loss of babies’ lives. Lucy Real Estate passionately supports the charity because a team member and their family sadly lost their daughter, Emily.

The team first took on the challenge in 2018 and because they smashed their target of completing 15 miles very quickly, they decided to raise the bar for 2019. This year the challenge was to complete the 15 miles using the equipment in their office gym (a treadmill, two bikes, a rower and a cross trainer) within 15 minutes.

The team (once again) smashed the challenge and managed to complete just over 20 miles in the 15 minutes, which is a huge achievement!

They also added to their fundraising total by listing a Royal Doulton tea service, donated by Lucy Group, on eBay. The tea service reached a bid of £80.00 and was collected from Jericho and has now gone to a new home in Rochefort, France!

In total, Lucy Real Estate raised over £600 in aid of Sands and are extremely grateful to everyone who donated.

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