In 2021, Lucy Group proudly sponsored the Kilsby Theatre Boat Project, a local endeavour associated with the Oxford Canal Heritage Fund. This inspiring initiative aims to restore a 108-year-old former Fellows, Morton and Clayton narrowboat and repurpose it into a one-of-a-kind floating community theatre.

Recognising the value of supporting local projects, Lucy Group’s initial donation helped to restore the boat’s hull, with the expertise of Lucy Electric being used to procure the necessary steel. A further donation is now supporting the next phase of restoration, which will focus on preserving the boat’s traditional elements, including the classic ‘elum’ rudder & tiller and the cabin.

The work is being carried out at Tooley’s Historic Boatyard in Banbury. Once complete, Kilsby will serve as a floating venue for storytelling, music, puppetry, heritage and learning activities, all taking place along the picturesque Oxford Canal, near locations like Mount Place in Jericho. To make it more practical and eco-friendlier, a modern electric engine will allow the restored canal carrier to cruise effortlessly and relocate for performances with minimal noise and environmental impact.

Lucy Group is proud to support this ambitious community project, preserving Oxford’s canal heritage while engaging the community in educational trips, storytelling and theatre.

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