Richard Dick, Executive Chairman of Lucy Group, recently visited the Kota Maida and Gopipura schools located in villages close to LEMT (Lucy Electric Manufacturing Technologies (LEMT) in Gujarat State, India. Both schools have undergone significant transformations since Lucy Electric began supporting them. Kota Maida School was completely rebuilt, while Gopipura School has added three new classrooms. These refurbishments have led to a significant increase in attendance of local children at both schools.

During Richard’s time at the schools, he visited the children and teachers and had the pleasure of giving both headmasters the good news that Lucy Electric is extending its support in 2024. At Kota Maida, Lucy Electric will build and pay for a new classroom and a kitchen for midday meals. This has become essential as the school is at full capacity. Gopipura school will receive a brand-new play area and work will begin to also build them a midday meal kitchen to cater for the children. The vendor selection process has started and very soon work will begin to get these two projects underway.

The marked difference in how many children attend both schools is testament to the commitment that Lucy Electric is making to education and making a positive impact on the communities it serves. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Lucy Electric can touch the lives of young people, ensuring that they can have a chance to fulfil their potential.

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