Lucy Electric South Africa (LESA) have built on the support already given by their UK colleagues to the Rhino Orphanage. LESA donated a further R20,000 to the critical work of the charity and in addition were able to visit the sanctuary with their families and meet the rhinos they are helping to save. Their children were given the opportunity to feed and observe the baby rhinos.

The Rhino Orphanage’s well-structured facility and dedicated team ensure the needs of these rhinos are met. It was enlightening to witness the efforts first hand, though also bittersweet, considering the tragic circumstances that led these babies to the sanctuary. Keeping a watchful eye on progress, the Lucy team look forward to babies such as Mpho (Gift) and Mahlatsi (Luck) growing from little ones to sturdy individuals.

Our ongoing support for the Rhino Orphanage is an important step towards wildlife conservation. With support growing around then Group, we aim to make a tangible impact on the lives of these incredible creatures, working towards a future where they can thrive without the constant threat of extinction.

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