On July 28th, Lucy Electric India (LEI) took a proactive step towards celebrating World Nature Conservation Day by organising a tree plantation event at Sukhdev School.

The event saw the active participation of 18 students who planted an impressive 30-35 plants. Smita Gurav, CSR champion for LEI, explained the purpose of their visit to the school was to shed light on the current environmental situation and the urgent need for conservation efforts.

Lucy Electric India Sows Environmental Awareness on World Nature Conservation DaY

During the conversation, Smita Gurav addressed some of the pressing environmental concerns faced by India. The shifting patterns of the rainy season from June to July, irregular rainfall ranging from inadequate to flooding, and the overall ecological imbalance were all discussed. Deforestation, urbanisation, excessive exploitation of natural resources, and negligence towards the environment were identified as major contributors to these issues.

The choice of Sukhdev School for the tree plantation held particular significance. Many of the students came from farming families, who already possessed the necessary knowledge and skills for planting and caring for trees. This made them more receptive to the idea and encouraged them to take personal responsibility for the well-being of the newly planted trees.

LEI hopes that this experience will leave a lasting impression on young minds, nurturing a sense of responsibility towards their surroundings and inspiring future conservationists.

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