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Investor FAQ's

How much are my shares worth?

As a privately held company, Lucy Group shares are not publicly quoted on a stock exchange. The price paid for shares is subject to private agreement between buyer and seller.

I’m thinking of selling my shares, what do I need to do?

We may be able to assist you in placing the shares. Please write to in the first instance.

I need a copy of a dividend statement for my tax return. Who do I contact?

You should have received a dividend statement shortly after the deposit of dividend funds into your bank account. If you have misplaced it and need a copy, please write to:

My bank details have changed, do I need to let you know?

We will be unable to pay dividends directly into your bank account unless you provide up to date bank account information. Please contact to request a dividend mandate form.

I’ve moved house, do I need to let you know?

Yes, please write to to inform us of your new address. We would not generally re-issue share certificates following a change of address.

How do I transfer my shares?

Please write to the Company Secretary, enclosing a signed Stock Transfer Form, a covering letter and your existing share certificate(s). If the shares are to be transferred for nil value, you will not normally need to pay any stamp duty. For transactions exceeding £1000 in value, stamp duty is normally payable at 0.5% and you will need to send your stock transfer form to the Birmingham Stamp Office prior to sending it to us. Find out more information about tax on shares.

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