Ahmed Abdallah is the Regional Director for Lucy Electric based in Dubai. He is responsible for the management and operational leadership of the region’s business development plans, budgets, revenue, profit and growth targets. In addition, he provides cross functional leadership and direction to sales, Marketing, HR, engineering, logistics and services.

Ahmed joined Lucy Electric in January 2007 as an Area Sales Manager, and was attracted by the company’s growth plans, reputation and values.

On a typical day, Ahmed starts his morning at 7am with a quick check of emails, and then collaboratively plans what will be a mostly unpredictable day by 8am, prioritising the most urgent work first. His day usually ends around 5:30pm, unless there are any meetings planned with the global teams.

Ahmed enjoys the challenges his roles brings, and the sense of accomplishment when working through these and difficult situations. He also enjoys the opportunities of growth, especially now that he is leading growth across the region in his role as Regional Director.

Before joining Lucy, Ahmed worked in a number of roles in engineering; from line man technician to electrical engineer, then moving into business development in sales from Area to Regional Sales Manager, and latterly as the General Manager & Director to now the Regional Director. His breadth of experience in production and electrical manufacturing and sales has given him a great foundation for his current role.

When he’s not at work, Ahmed enjoys reading and keeping fit at the gym.

If he could learn something new it would be to further develop his emotional intelligence; effective leaders should have a solid understanding of how emotions and actions affect the people around them.

Personal Quote

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary”